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Mona Lisa Portrait with hole for face
Artistic Integrity in the 21st Century
Touching wirses causes instant death penalty $200
What's next, death penalty for suicide?
Sign on paper filer Notice This item has been identified as abandoned. Please remove in 14 years or it will be removed.
Damn, they found my stash...
no parking, cars will be shredded and made into cake tins
Bakers are a mean bunch
Caution, baby on board. Baby with a slingshot
Try not to get too angry
Security yard sign, target from range practice, perfect score, nothing inside worht duying for
Bring us your targets from practice
Be careful. This machine has no brain. Use your own.
Perfect disguise for Skynet
Drive Slow See our Village. Drive Fast, see our judge. Speed limit strictly enforced.
The rules may be annoying and arbitrary but... wait, that's a different picture.
Steven Seagal Look-alike. Caption:
Advice from Steven Seagal??
Did you remember to flush the toliet sign
Don't go against a weird toad... alien... mutant... thing.
buckle up next million miles
After a while it kinda feels like a massage.
Warning Trespassers will be handed over to the police on body part at a time sign
Franken-Cop. The origin.
Time Traveller Destination #2
magnet sign on truck:
What do you mean the Internet is not a real place?
Car Protected By Anti-theft Sticker
Essence of Authority
Graffiti on wall
Very profound. Quick, somebody draw something obscene over it!
Political Candidate Wildrose Bus Paintjob. Wheels where her chest is.
Are those her witner set or all season?
Sign Reading
Asking for clarifications will remove your ball privileges

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