Political Election Campaign Signs

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Election / political lawn bag signs are a very effective, fast and inexpensive advertising. Lawn signs are the best solution for promoting your political campaigns and events.

We make high quality print on both sides of opaque polyethylene bags. A bag has a dark internal layer preventing transparency so you can’t see through the sign on a sunny day.

No setup fee. Metal frames are included. Turn around time for 100LS order is 3 business days.

Please send us the information you want to include in signs and we’ll make a design drawing for you. Also you can send us your own design if you have one. We accept both formats of vector and pixel graphics. Please note the pixel graphics must be at least 200dpi (3MB) for 20x24 size (the more the better) if you want to have a good quality print.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your sign project.

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How to design an ideal political sign:

1. How to Design an ideal political sign
2. What's the real purpose behind an election yard sign
3. What makes a political yard sign effective
4. Tips on making you political sign more effective
5. The six most important aspects of an election sign

Yard signage, also known as garden signs or lawn signs, is one of the most visible and affordable methods of advertising. 8 out of 10 home sellers in North America have real estate yard signs. Political campaign yard signs are an essential tool that both large and small campaigns use to help increase name recognition for their respective candidates.

First impressions are everything, and nowhere is that more true than in the world of politics! Think of the way you feel about a political candidate after watching him speak for only a few moments; within seconds, it seems, you’ve decided whether or not you like him. The same rule applies when it comes to using a customized, political campaign sign (or political yard sign) to advertise a politician, political party, or specific cause right on your very own lawn. Whether you’re running to be a local Sheriff, a local Judge, a participant of the school board, a senator, Premier Minister of Canada or President of the United States, a well-made political campaign sign can work wonders for you on Election Day.

What's the real purpose behind an election yard sign?

The main purpose behind a campaign sign is name recognition. In fact, political election signs only serve a few distinct purposes in a campaign:
-increasing name identification,
-getting out the vote, and
-worrying your opponent.
The most important of these three is name recognition. That means that one of the most important features of your cheap political signs will be quantity, quantity, quantity. Make the voters take notice of you.

Can a good political lawn sign really make people vote for you?

Yes, it can. When designed correctly, a political campaign banner or campaign yard sign can be an incredibly effective tool. The placement of your political campaign yard sign plus the reiteration of seeing it again and again can really raise knowledge of your campaign in the voting community. Also, adding political yard signs to an area in which the candidate is already well-received can boost your campaign’s ability to get out the vote.

What makes a political yard sign effective?

The effectiveness of the best political sign, no matter how great it may look, depends on three things: timing, aim, and management.


- It's hard to increase name identification, so, unless there is a strategic or financial reason for postponing the placement of election signs, they should go up as soon as legally possible. Different cities, towns, and districts have different regulations, so do some research to find out the earliest possible date to start putting out your political campaign signs.


- Aim well with your campaign. Know the outline of your district and stick to it unless you have a specific reason not to. Look for high traffic areas and storefronts where you could possibly display your campaign signs and banners. Be prepared for your political election yard signs to go missing. Have the proper people in place to restore your large quantity of election yard signs when they disappear.


- Finally, you will need to manage a team of friends, family members, or volunteers effectively. Have them search out new places that your political campaign signs could be displayed, like residences or storefronts. Going door to door to ask people if you can display your campaign election signs in their yard or store doesn’t hurt with your name identification, either.

There are a couple of secret tips for maximizing your marketing results:

- high contrast colors and
- large fonts!

Also, use no more than five, big words on any yard sign. Time is of the essence. In only two to three words, your political campaign sign has to alert the public of what candidate they should be voting for, the position they are running for, and do these things in an attractive manner.

We at LawnBagSigns.com always ready to help you creating the best political signs that look amazing and make a point.

What are the most important things to keep in mind when designing any political campaign yard sign?

1. Content
2. Materials
3. Color
4. Design
5. Size
6. Test

1. Content

What should you put on the sign?

You will only have TWO to SEVEN seconds of not-quite-so-undivided attention from the person looking at this political sign before they pass by or lose interest - so get to the point. Ideally, you should focus on one to two words (like Re-Elect Jones or Smith); any more than three will most likely ensure that your message will be lost in the shuffle. Small phrases like Vote for Brown, Work for Change or even the candidate’s name with their website listed below will work for you. If you (or the candidate you support) have a similar name to the opponent, then find a way (a nickname, using the first name rather than the last) to make it stand out. But, first and foremost, your political election yard sign should focus on the name of the candidate and the position that they are running for.

2. Materials

What kind of material should you use?

Material is a bigger deal than you might think! Why? Because weather conditions are often as unpredictable as they are harsh. The easiest solution to the weather issue is to use durable materials like corrugated plastic and vinyl. For a good-looking and cheap political sign or banner, either of these will work perfectly because they are pretty easy on the pocketbook and they are rather robust, as well. In fact, both of them could, quite possibly, outlast the political career of the politician they support! If you-re looking for a material that can hold up in your yard and look great through good and bad weather, then you will want to go with corrugated plastic. If you want an indoor / outdoor banner that can beautifully express your political views, then vinyl is the way to go. We’ll supply you with a heavy duty banners for outdoor usage for $4 - $8 per 1 sq.ft. Excellent quality full colour print won’t fade during long period of time.

3. Color

What color should it be?

Potential voters do not notice understated signs. The thing that makes people look twice is contrasting colors that are easy on the eye. And, remember: Contrasting colors doesn’t mean that your sign has to be neon pink and purple! It can be elegant and bold at the same time. The best color combinations for a political sign are
Red / White;
Blue / White;
Green / White;
Black / White;
Black / Yellow;or
Red, White, and Blue.
If possible, try to match your political campaign signs to your other banners, pamphlets, etc. for a campaign that looks seamless.

4. Design

What about the design?

The graphic elements of design for your political election sign should include the layout of the message, colors, lettering, and shape symbolism. Think about what colors symbolize to voters. For instance, dark or navy blue is often associated with the conservative party. If you-re making campaign yard signs for a candidate who gets most of their votes from liberals, is navy blue the best choice? Maybe not. Research the demographic that you want to attract and find out what colors, symbols and lettering will appeal to them. A little information can be the very cheapest part of any campaign, so go after the kind of voters that you would like to call your supporters.

5. Size

How big should it be?

To answer that question, you need to ask yourself another: Where is this sign going to be displayed? For a classic political yard sign, the standard size is 18in x 24in or 20in x 24in depending on materials your printing company uses. Larger political signs that are going to be displayed on huge lawns or by a busy highway are usually about 4ft x 8ft (the really big ones are sometimes 8ft x 8ft). Here is how you can figure out whether or not your sign is big enough and perfectly designed to be legibly lovely.

6. Test

A good way to test your political sign (or a prototype of what your campaign sign will look like) to ensure that it is short, sweet, and to the point is what we will call the Ultimate-Political-Sign-Making-Challenge. Turn your back to a friend, co-worker or family member. Have that person walk about twenty-five to thirty feet away from you and hold up your political election sign. When you turn around, you have FOUR seconds to read your campaign yard sign before they turn it over. If it’s unclear, too busy, or if any one part of it makes the message difficult to read, then something needs to be fixed.

That’s all you need to know to get started designing your own simple, effective, cheap political signs today! You have all of the tools to market yourself and your campaign (or the campaign that you support) in a way that is both time and cost efficient. Whether you are running for the student council or the presidency, the simple fact is this:

Political yard signs work if you know how to use them.

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice